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Why Choose Castleview as your Financial Advisor?

At Castleview, our first priority is helping you to achieve your lifetime financial objectives. To do so, we make sure that we look at and analyze your entire financial picture, we chart the best path possible for you to reach those objectives and we then help you navigate the path to your goals successfully.

Laid out below are the values, operating principles, beliefs and business practices that define and most distinguish our firm. These characteristics of our business model allow us to successfully serve and guide our clients toward the achievement of their lifetime financial goals.

We are fiduciaries and client-centered in everything we do

Our clients’ interests come first. Period.

Our firm is service-driven, not sales-driven

We want our advice to benefit and serve our clients, their children and their grandchildren. And we want to render that advice with professionalism, objectivity and integrity, not with an eye to how a particular recommended strategy could best serve or enrich us. We believe if we focus on serving our clients first, and not on how much we are compensated, the rest will take care of itself.

We are independent and fee-based advisors. We are not tied to (nor incentivized to use) the product and service offering of any other firm, large or small.

We are thus able to provide objective advice to our clients, uninfluenced by the commission incentives that have traditionally driven the brokerage houses and insurance companies that have historically dominated the financial advisory world. Where unavoidable conflicts exist in our recommendations that could impact our compensation, we will fully disclose those conflicts.

We take an “open architecture” approach to meeting our clients’ investment needs.

This means that we scan the entire universe of investment vehicles and strategies, including many non-traditional “alternative” investments, to find and select the “best of breed” in each asset class for our clients’ portfolios.

Before constructing suitable portfolios for our clients based on their needs, goals and constraints, we first spend plenty of time focusing on risk.

Using state-of-the-art, academically validated technology and metrics, we first determine each client’s risk tolerance. Then and only then are portfolios designed to optimize returns given each client’s particular risk tolerance level.

We are convinced that all good investment advice must start with a holistic understanding of a client’s overall financial situation and planning needs.

For that reason, our firm is staffed by advisors and professional support personnel who all have significant financial planning experience and credentials (and most of whom are Certified Financial Planners). We first look at all dimensions of our clients‘ financial circumstances, goals and needs, and then formulate our investment recommendations within that overall financial planning context.

We are biased toward low-cost investing for our clients

Unless there is a compelling benefit to our clients from doing otherwise, we strongly favor investment strategies, vehicles and operational infrastructure that hold down expenses and fees paid by our investing clients. By holding down the costs associated with the investment process, more of the returns generated by the investments we recommend actually accrue to our clients‘ benefit and this produces greater accumulation of wealth over time for our clients.

We devote a significant portion of our firm’s resources to ensuring that we have the best technology available in the marketplace to serve our clients.

Whether this is software to define risk tolerance, store client data securely, monitor and adjust client portfolios, provide timely and user-friendly access to investment account information, or analyze, quantify and present overall financial planning needs and recommendations, it is technology designed to achieve two goals. First, to provide better client service. Second, to achieve greater efficiency in delivering superior service, thereby driving down our firm’s and our clients’ costs.

We charge our clients fair and reasonable fees.

We earn these fees by providing objective, professional, experience-based advice and service across a wide range of financial planning challenges, including investment management.

Our collegial firm culture is central to our effectiveness in advising our clients.

We only hire or choose to partner with professionals who are driven to achieve and excel, but who are also happy and productive in a service-driven work environment marked by collegiality, teamwork and high standards of integrity.